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What do students need to know in order to survive in this globalized world? What skills will they need to possess in this new era? Now, more than ever, our world is interconnected. To be a successful person intellectually and professionally, you must become a “global citizen”. You will need to have the skills to interact with people from multiple cultures and have the capability to analyze issues on a global level. Hence, getting an international education is essential for you to excel in your professional career as well as building your global network.

With proper planning and preparation, the study abroad experience can truly be a life changing one. Study abroad is widely recognized for the value it adds to an individual. When you study abroad your education grows exponentially faster than if you stay home. You live and learn in your host culture, every interaction is an opportunity to learn, and to share your culture with others. Your experience will translate into tangible benefits throughout your life. Study abroad also enhances your career opportunities as employers are interested in seeing international education experience on resumes and discussing this experience during interviews.

If study abroad is what you are aiming for, please come to Study Abroad Unit and explore further with our Counsellors. The Study Abroad Unit was established in the year 1999 with the objective of providing total educational services under one roof for students seeking to study abroad. We have a dedicated team of well-trained Counsellors to give you in-depth counselling and proper guidance through the steps in exploring the opportunities to study abroad. Online Counselling is also available for students who do not have easy access to any of our offices.

Our Counsellors at the Study Abroad Unit will provide you with the guidance on choosing course, university and country. We always keep in mind of your profile, interest, preference and the credentials and reputation of the university. We firmly believe in excellent customer service and we give you the fullest possible information on all available options to help you making the best decisions. We assess every individual student very carefully based on their educational qualifications, present status, English proficiency and financial strengths. Our Counsellors will also provide you with information on scholarships or bursary information available for studying abroad. Besides that, we will also provide you with financial aids like study loan available in the country if you wish to apply for financial aid.

At Study Abroad Unit, we assist you in your application and ensure that your application is complete with all the required details and documentation, this will

a. Creates a positive impact on the Institution, thereby increasing the prospect of securing admission and
b. Also marginally reduces the inconvenience that might be caused to the University / College on account of reasons as missing documents, incomplete application, etc.

Come and visit us at the Study Abroad Unit, our friendly counsellors will assist you in making applications to universities, advising you on acceptance of offer, provide visa guideline, flight and accommodation arrangement and arranging meet and greet services at your study destination. Our Counsellors also provide detailed information to the students with respect to their University accommodation application, booking and payment. Study Abroad Unit also work with a few travel agents to work out the most reasonable rates for you to travel.

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